It is, perhaps, the most fierce rivalry in world football. And in a world full of Lazio and Roma, Barcelona and Real Madrid, Galatasary and Fenerbahce, that means quite a lot.

Two clubs, Celtic and Rangers, both vying to assert dominance over Glasgow.

The years have seen both clubs enjoy extended reigns of supremacy, but it is currently Celtic who sit atop the hill, undisputed as the pride of Scottish football.

On this day back in 2006, Celtic beat Rangers 1-0 to take a huge 21 point advantage over their Glasgow rivals. In honour of the win, we want to test your knowledge of other famous Derby wins.

How well do you remember Celtic’s greatest moments against their bitter cross-city rivals?

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Sunday September 10, 2016, brought a four year wait for another Glasgow derby to an end. Celtic hammered Rangers that afternoon. What was the score?