They are on the brink of history, three successive trebles, and guaranteed to have songs sung about them for decades to come.

The current crop of players have had a lot to contend with this season in particular – the manager leaving, a massive injury list, a new manager uncertainty, just to name a few.

They have stood up as men and we should all show them the respect and gratitude they deserve now as we stand on the edge of glory.

The question we pose today is, however, who is your favourite? We are not talking who is the best, we are asking you to tell us who is the man you love to cheer on the most.

Is it the one who scores all the goals? Is it the one who keeps the goals out? Is it the one who kisses the badge? Is it the quiet one who just gets on with the job?

We will now let you choose your favourite player, 2019 style.