We asked you to tell us how you were feeling about Brendan Rodgers departure – had you forgiven him or not?

It has to be said that this topic is still a very tasty one even three months down the line, as the response we got was very opinionated and sparked some lively debate on Twitter.

While many fans have forgiven Brendan for his behaviour back in February, the majority of people who voted in our mini-poll were still of the mindset that he was wrong and they would not welcome him back to Paradise any time soon.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images Sport

The final result in the poll was 61% – 39% in favour of no, and despite players like Scott Brown and interim manager Neil Lennon publicly declaring their respect and admiration for Rodgers, it seems the supporters will take a lot longer to calm their negative feelings towards him.

How will he go down in history? As a fantastic coach who brought unprecedented levels of domination and success to this great club. Time is a great healer and possibly the disgruntled fans will appreciate his efforts to make this club the ultimate force they are now.

The treble Treble is within touching distance, and it is down to him and his methods.