Now that it’s over and we can reflect on it with deep satisfaction, the realisation has hit home of what a rollercoaster the season just ended actually was.

The season before, when we were pushing for the ten, should have been a rollercoaster, but it just ended up being a damp squib, sapping our emotions. 

By January 2021, it had instilled a lethargy in us where we were just numb and we stopped caring.

We knew even then the game was up.

We entered the 2021/22 season with low expectations and for the first time, some of us even believed the drivel the SMSM were writing about how the season would pan out.

Ange’s arrival changed everything and despite three losses in our opening six games, it wasn’t long before he woke our emotions once again.

Soon we were alive and Celtic Park was awake again too. 

I’ve decided to do a slideshow on the games and the moments in them that defined our season, these moments were critical to our push towards the title and I doubt you’ll disagree with me when you run through them.

If you feel I missed any, feel free to let me know!