The 1990s were an interesting time for Celtic, the decade can be seen as a ‘game to two halves’ to use a football cliché. The first-half of the decade saw the Hoops fail to win a trophy, whilst the second-half saw Celtic get back to the top of Scottish football by winning a first-league title in a decade.

Even though Celtic struggled at times in the 1990s, the Hoops still had a number of prominent midfielders at the club. Those players, such as Paul McStay and John Collins, were key men for the Hoops for a number of years, and they were by far the best players in the team as well.

It was just unfortunate for Celtic that so many good players at the club failed to earn the success that they deserved, as the Hoops weren’t at their best in the first part of the 1990s. But the midfielders of the 1990s still played their part in laying the foundation of the success that Celtic enjoy today.

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Which club did Roy Aitken join when he left Celtic in 1990?