Celtic supporter liaison officer John Paul Taylor has sent an important message to the Hoops support ahead of tomorrow’s game against Motherwell on the 1st of October.

Ahead of the match, the Hoops figure took to social media to update the fans on the transport situation surrounding the game, as there is set to be a train strike on the day of the game.

Steve Welsh/Getty Images Sport

The game kicks off at 3pm, as the Hoops will play a rare afternoon Saturday kick-off, only the second of the season in the Premiership for the Bhoys so far.

Taylor revealed that there will only be a few trains on after the game, and put the scheduled times of the trains on the Tweet that he sent.


The role of the supporters liaison officer is important at every football club, especially a big club like Celtic whose fans are always on the lookout for news about games, when tickets will be available, when tickets will go on sale, etc.

The update about the transport situation is particularly important, as it will help Hoops fans work out how to get to the game and how to get a train after leaving the game if that is possible, and John Paul Taylor will no doubt provide any other updates about the game that have to be announced up until the game kicks off in less than 24 hours time.

Social media has made communicating with fans of a football team a lot easier for clubs, although obviously clubs don’t usually respond from Tweets from fans, it is a different situation for the club’s supporter liaison officer, who will always be looking to respond to enquiries from the support.

Steve  Welsh/Getty Images Sport

Social media has changed football for both good and for bad, but in circumstances like the train information it is only a good thing for the support to find out about, and that is something that will no doubt continue at Celtic for as long as the supporter liaison officer is in place.

John Paul Taylor is one of the most important people at Celtic that is not really that well-known about to the general public, as he does a very important job, and he is very good at it too. He is an unsung hero at Celtic Park.