Former Celtic manager Martin O’Neill has been in the news recently, as he has written an autobiography, and unsurprisingly the five years he spent as Hoops boss features prominently in the book.

Five years isn’t really all that long to be at a football club as manager, but O’Neill transformed Celtic in that time, winning a host of trophies and even more importantly, establishing Celtic on the European stage as a force to be reckoned with for the first time in 30 years.

The Hoops’ success over the last 20 years really started with O’Neill, and hasn’t stopped since, and the former Celtic boss deserves huge credit for starting a winning mentality that hasn’t stopped since.

Hopefully the Celtic success story will run on and on, and as long as the Hoops remember to keep that winning attitude that O’Neill helped to foster at the club, there is no reason why it cannot.

He deserves to be remembered as one of Celtic’s best ever managers, even though other managers at Celtic won more trophies, few have been as influential as O’Neill when it comes to creating a winning atmosphere at Celtic Park, which has taken the club back to the top of the Scottish game.

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