Celtic have been fortunate to sign players from all over the World in their existence as a club, and in the last 30 years there have been a lot of players that have joined the club from south of the border in England.

Whilst some English players might turn their noses up at the Scottish game and not be interested in joining the Hoops, the English players that have joined Celtic – particularly under Martin O’Neill – became key players for the Hoops, who played a big part in the success the Hoops enjoyed during that time.

Celtic have continued to sign English players since then, and many have been huge successes for the club, but at the moment there are few English players at the club, in fact there is only one, Joe Hart, which is a big change from the Martin O’Neill and Brendan Rodgers eras at Celtic Park.

You have to think that in time the Hoops will look to bring in more English players if the club feels that there are some available that could do a job for the Bhoys.

Celtic’s squad looks good at the moment, but it can still be enhanced, and who knows, some English players could be part of the next Celtic evolution.

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In which year did Celtic sign Alan Stubbs from Bolton?