Today, in his usual Monday morning column in the Record, Keith Jackson is hurting.

It is finally beginning to dawn on him that his favourite side are just not equipped to deal with Ange Postecoglu’s Celtic revolution.

He believes Michael Beale is trying to steer the club through some seriously choppy waters.

But, in all honesty, when has that club ever been out of choppy waters?

The only time that they navigated becalmed seas was during the Covid crisis.

Where becalmed seas became Celtic’s nemesis, they became their ally.

Empty stadiums lacked the pressure applied to their players when stadiums were full of fans baying for blood when things were not going their way.

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We all remember Tavpen’s grovelling apology to their fans in the wake of terrible results in the run up to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fast forward to the current campaign and it’s all starting to come apart at the seams.

There is now a disconnect between the Onion Bears and the board, and just like the BBC with Gary Lineker, any attempts at sedition will be dealt with swiftly.

The banners being displayed by the Onion Bears of late, in the eyes of the Ibrox board, could only be described as seditious.

Yesterday, they decided that freedom of speech from their militant wing was no longer permitted.

With their usual deflective language, the board stated the Onion Bears were not permitted to reveal yesterday’s proposed banner, because it would have been an ” offensive anti-police protest”.

I’m not sure how “Ross Wilson, Director of Failure” could be classed as offensive towards the police?

Maybe something got lost in translation?

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Keith Jackson seems to think the club is now fractured from the top down:

Beale might be repairing the broken bunch that he inherited from Giovanni van Bronckhorst in rapid style but, if the club itself is fractured from the top down then what chance does the Londonder really stand?

The manager has called in public for unity and alignment as he attempts to steer the ship through some seriously choppy waters but the latest horribly misjudged noises from above, which dropped in the form of a podcast with investor Stuart Gibson, went down like a depth charge.

Of course, all of this is music to the ears to us of a Celtic persuasion.

Jackson himself is beginning to realise the writing is on the wall.

It’s bad when he’s as much as admitting defeat in the one remaining competition the Ibrox side can still win.

He believes that Michael Beale’s side “are not yet sturdy or robust enough to withstand what Celtic will hit them with when the time comes at the national stadium, be it in the next round or in the showpiece finale.

In usual delusional style, Jackson believes that “fresh investment and new ideas will be needed as well as a more open and transparent approach to reconnecting with the fanbase.”

There’s a reason the Ibrox board are now hunkering down in the Fuhrerbunker and adopting a defensive stance.

There isn’t going to be any fresh investment.

The board is tired of footing the bill.

Contrary to delusional belief, they don’t have a limitless supply of funds.

New ideas will never emerge from a club that operates on the definition of insanity.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

There’s a reason the board are adopting a defensive stance, they’re preparing for a huge disconnect from the fanbase.

They know austerity is coming down the tracks, they’ve been getting Beale to consistently brief the press on the budget, or lack thereof, for the upcoming “rebuild”.

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As evidenced yesterday, sedition of any description towards the current regime isn’t going to be tolerated.

Unlike Celtic, who will rarely, if ever, stop the Green Brigade from having a voice, the Ibrox board have no choice but to shut theirs up.

Broadcasting in large lettering that the current state of the club is a shit show, isn’t exactly going to work in the board’s favour, is it?

There’s also a reason Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent are not being offered new contracts.

The current wage bill is far too high and the board knows it needs to be reduced.

Offloading these two players will go a long way towards that, especially since Morelos has already checked out of the building.

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There’s also something else, which may be catastrophic, looming on the horizon.

You’ll recall when Ange Postecoglu exited the Champions League to Midtjyland, a BBC journalist asked him if he thought it was catastrophic.

You’ll also recall the answer Ange gave, which comes sharply into contrast today.

Michael Beale will be faced with a full squad rebuild in the summer.

He does not have saleable assets like Ange had to augment the rebuilding of his squad.

He will face into the Champions League qualifiers, just as Celtic did in 2021, with a severely weakened side.

Celtic not making it to the group stages that year was not a catastrophe, that is clearly evident today.

But the Ibrox side not making it?

That could be very telling indeed.

Perhaps even catastrophic.

The “Champions Leagues Monies” as John Dahl Tomasson so eloquently put it in 2021, will be very much needed to complete the squad rebuild required to challenge Celtic in season 2023/24.

Without this much needed financial boost, another catastrophic insolvency event might just be around the corner.

What would the Onion Bears have to say about that?

Lets just say Police Scotland will most definitely find it offensive.

Highly offensive.

Or so the Ibrox board will have you led to believe….