Last Wednesday I wrote on article on the permutations of Celtic eclipsing 55 titles.

The article went down very well with Celtic supporters on our Twitter feed and Facebook page, with comments on it still coming in today.

Inevitably, with an article like that, you will have Sevco trolls hanging around and they were out in their droves for this one.

It looks like I really hit a nerve with what I wrote.

Yes, I got the usual claptrap about how they stopped the ten, or the Terry Munro as one of our regular Ibrox contributors called it.

Hat tip to Billy Boy ( Very well thought out moniker there, I have to say ) for that one.

And while they may have that one to brag about, and brag they will, for many years to come, only the most hard of thinking Sevco supporters would not accept a massive change in culture is happening at Celtic Park.

The kind of culture change that they could only dream about.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images Sport

Because let’s get real, nothing ever changes over there.

Money comes in and then goes down a black hole to oblivion, as it has done over and over again for the last almost 40 years.

It’s a cycle they just cannot seem to get out of.

Only two things will break that cycle, austerity or another insolvency event.

Both will result in the same outcome.

Having to re-start in the real world.

Their current way of operating is unsustainable and their board is fully aware of that, especially in light of the new Uefa Financial Fair Play regulations.

Some of them may even see those regulations as an opportunity to end throwing their own personal fortunes away.

The writing is on the wall here and this is the reason a huge divide between the support and the board is now starting to open.

You have a support who ploughs their hard earned money into the club who are starting to realise they’re getting very little bang for their buck.

Opposite to that, you have a board that is desperate for that money, but also desperate to stop haemorrhaging their own personal fortunes into the Ibrox financial black hole.

Something’s gotta give.

In the meantime, Celtic just steamroller onwards and upwards under Ange Postecoglu and that is striking the fear of God into the Peepul.

Most of them are not even facing the reality that in just over two years, there’s a very strong possibility we will have 55 titles in the bag.

It doesn’t bear thinking about, so they’re just not thinking about it.

All of the Sevco trolls on our pages over the last few days are full of bravado.

We’re delusional, we’re obsessed, they live rent free in our heads, they stopped the ten, they’re better than us and on and on and on.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images News

Reading their posts is like watching two five year olds fighting.

Most five year old don’t have the intelligence to fight smart, so when one name calls the other, inevitably, retaliation is very much the same.

“I live rent free in your head!”

“No, I live rent free in your head!”

“Do not!!”

“Do too!!”

“You’re obsessed!”

No, I’m not, you are!!”

Now I know that’s not the kind of language a five year old would use, but you catch my drift?

To be fair, none of them are going to admit things are going south at Ibrox, are they?

I mean, if they didn’t even know their old club was heading for liquidation in the run up to 2012, how the hell are they going to recognise anything is wrong right now??

All they see as wrong is that their club isn’t spending enough money.

Enough to keep up with us, that is.

When David Murray said, “For every fiver they spend, we’ll spend a tenner”, he instilled a mentality in the Ibrox support that is permanently ingrained in their psyche.

David Rogers/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Sort of like Protestantism and the Battle of the Boyne in 1690.

How can you change the mentality of a support base that celebrates something that happened over 300 years ago, not to mind 23 years ago?

It was that statement that ultimately destroyed their old club, yet its the foundation of what they believe is their financial entitlement today.

Except their board now realises that these kind of financial practices are no longer tenable.

There is no soft way of breaking this to a support who just cannot, and do not want to comprehend that.

So they now find themselves faced with two choices.

Firstly, break it gently to the peepul that austerity is on the way.

Or secondly, do nothing and hope for the best.

Well, I think I quite succinctly broke what the next two years is likely to deliver in terms of joy for the Peepul in my Wednesday article.

The best the Ibrox board can hope for is that we do not reach 55 titles by season 2024/25.

Are they equipped to stop that from happening?

Maybe if they can convince Ange Postecoglu to become their manager.

Which in reality means there’s about as much chance of that happening as there is of Rangers 1872 rising from the grave.

Sevco fans are beginning to clutch at moonbeams in the hopes that some Saudi billionaire is going to fly in and be their saviour.

Reality check, these guys are only interested in the big clubs, in the big leagues.

With a huge rebuild looming on the horizon and very little finance to fund that rebuild, Celtic could pull away into the distance.

55, that number they like to talk about so much, could in 2 years time become the number of their nightmares.

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images News

Meanwhile, the clock ticks down on 53 and inches ever closer to 55.

Ordinarily, Celtic fans wouldn’t care about a number like that.

But hey, they were the ones who made such a big deal out of it.

In May 2025, it may just take a humungous bite out of their asses.

Tick tock, Tick tock……..