You have to wonder how far the Ibrox club have to push things before enough is enough?

Monday night’s incident involving Fran Alonso and Craig McPherson was another in a long list of incidents involving that club.

But when will it end?

The crime count seems to grow and grow, yet they just carry on with impunity.

The SFA are set to charge Craig McPherson after his actions on Monday night.

We will wait with bated breath to see how farcical the punishment turns out to be.

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However, as the biggest club in the country and the side that always seems to be on the receiving end of these offences, should we not be doing more?

It is completely clear that the SFA are about as useful as a set of pedals on a wheelchair when it comes to the Ibrox club.

They will not punish them accordingly.

If at all.

I’ll put it this way, what do you think would happen if a Liverpool physio received a bottle to the head at Old Trafford?

Then imagine the repercussions if Alisson Becker was spotted picking broken glass out of his area?

It simply doesn’t compute, because this sort of behaviour would not happen down south.

If it did, and that’s a huge if, the punishments and fines from the English FA would be massive.

The offending club would be made an example of to such an extent, that it would never occur again.

Yet only a couple of hundred miles north, in Glasgow, when something like this happens, it goes unpunished by the SFA.

No sanctions of any description.


As if it never happened.

Swept under the carpet and forgotten about.

Except that it’s not, we haven’t forgotten about it.

David Friel will never forget it, he has the scar for the rest of his life.

Joe Hart will never forget about it, because I sincerely doubt he ever saw broken glass in his area prior to last April.

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But this is exactly why it will keep happening.

If the Ibrox club are never held accountable for their actions, then they’ll just keep on doing what they do.

You have to wonder if the SFA even care about the image this portrays of our game?

Celtic’s decision not to take their ticket allocation for the upcoming derby at Ibrox should have alarm bells ringing in their heads.

Yet it doesn’t.

You have the largest club in the land refusing to accept a ticket allocation at Ibrox because they are concerned for the safety of their fans.

Concerned for the safety of their fans.

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Yet the SFA are asking no questions.

Celtic are taking action in the only way that they can, simply because they know the SFA will do nothing.

Yes, in a way it’s a stance, and they have in turn, refused to allow Ibrox fans into Celtic Park.

You’d imagine the SFA would sit up and take notice?

Maybe even try to intervene and mediate?

But no.

The silence from Mount Florida is deafening.

Yet our game plunges deeper and deeper into the Abyss.

A governing body that governs 39 clubs and allows the remaining one to govern itself.

I was listening to the ACSOM podcast yesterday and John Hughes, Yogi’s son, suggested that Celtic should refuse to play the upcoming fixture at Ibrox.

You can access the podcast via the link supplied.

He said that we should forfeit the 3 points and cite the safety of our employees as the reason for not fulfilling the fixture.

Personally, I agree with John’s suggestion, but is it something the club would entertain?

Celtic would have very strong grounds for this based on what happened on that ground last April.

With no away fans at the fixture, it is going to be a cesspit of sectarian and bigoted hatred.

I’m sure the players would not want to give that mob the satisfaction of a bye, but this kind of stance would make people start to ask questions.

By that, I mean people and media outlets outside of Scotland.

But most important of all, UEFA would want to know why this was happening.

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This would attract attention the SFA would not want.

It would show them up for the gutless organisation that they are.

It’s extreme, yes, but at this point, what other alternatives are there remaining?

Nothing we’ve done to date has worked.

What’s the alternative?

We go to Ibrox, we beat them on their own patch and all hell breaks loose?

Because there’s a very good chance that could happen.

I’ll put it this way, if a 99th minute equaliser drives the Assistant Manager of their ladies side to assault the Coach of ours, what would a late injury time winner at Ibrox after the split drive 50,000 peepul to do?

We know they’re capable of literally anything.

We saw it first hand last April.

They consider themselves above the law.

They won’t be worried about repercussions that day, because to date, there have been none of note.

No matter what they do.

A storm is brewing and the SFA has been put on notice.

We’re at breaking point.

Do you think Celtic should refuse to play at Ibrox after the split?


They should refuse. The Ibrox club’s behaviour needs to be brought to the attention of UEFA. Then the SFA will have no choice but to get them to abide by the rules.


We should play them regardless and rub salt in the wounds by beating them again on their own patch. Winning on the football pitch is what matters most!

But at what point is enough, enough?

We might just be about to find out.