Piers Morgan has compared himself to Nelson Mandela, claiming his year away from TV presenting and his battle for “free speech” is similar to the former South African leader’s struggle against apartheid.

The above is a quotation from an article in the Guardian.

It was published just over a year ago, on April 18th 2022.

To me, that particular statement is an insult to Nelson Mandela.

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Because there is zero comparison between Piers Morgan and Nelson Mandela.

For how can somebody like Morgan say he is like Nelson Mandela, when he champions an institution like the Monarchy in Britain?

An institution that has overseen apartheid and repression throughout it’s existence?

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That statement is crass, blindly egotistical, and speaks volumes as to the kind of delusional character Piers Morgan is.

As for his “battle for free speech”, well, that is about as real as the “phoney war” between Germany and the Allies from September 1939 to May 1940.

Morgan decides who is and isn’t entitled to freedom of speech, when it suits his agenda.

According to his current agenda, Celtic fans are not entitled to freedom of speech.

They are not entitled to voice their opinion of the monarchy.

In fact, anybody who doesn’t agree with the monarchy can, “keep their big gobs shut or change the channel, or go and watch Celtic.”

But you cannot, you must not, voice your opinion when it comes to the archaic, out-dated, out of touch event that is happening this weekend.

So, if Piers Morgan is involved in a “battle for free speech”, then clearly he must understand what the definition of freedom of speech is?

The power to express ones opinions without censorship, restraint, or legal penalty.

Many people will not be allowed to express that right this coming weekend.

In fact, they dare not express it for fear of arrest.

Because they have been informed clearly that this is what will happen if they do.

As for Piers Morgan, here is his opinion of Celtic fans:

Well, utterly charming of course, as ever, from Celtic fans. But that’s what they’ve always been like towards our monarchy, and I have a similar view of Celtic fans, so all’s fair in love and war

Our monarchy? His monarchy?

Morgan was born Piers Stefan O’Meara.

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His father was an Irishman named Vincent Eamonn O’Meara.

He is Catholic.

In keeping with his character, he has taken the decision to completely ignore his ancestry and to declare allegiance to an institution that suppressed, starved, and tormented his ancestors for hundreds of years.

It makes him feel good to lash out at Celtic, a club founded to feed those very ancestors.

Then again, to him, it’s all about the clickbait and boosting his profile.

If he believed in the right to freedom of speech, then he would keep his mouth shut about Celtic and Celtic fans.

If he wasn’t so far up his own arse, then maybe he would realise why Celtic fans feel the way they do about the monarchy.

All he needs to do is look towards his own ancestry for the answers.

This weekend, all going well, Celtic fans will celebrate winning their 53rd title.

That is all Celtic fans are interested in.

They are not interested in the coronation of some old fart with big ears, at a cost of millions to the taxpayer.

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At a time when 14.4 million people in Britain are below the poverty line.

Celtic fans are more interested in ensuring those people are looked after.

While this obscenity goes on, Celtic fans involved in the charitable side of the club will strive to provide food for the people in their area, who cannot afford to provide it for themselves.

The fact that this is going in 21st century Britain is unacceptable and abhorrent.

Yet Piers Morgan is taking offence at the fact we are telling them to shove their coronation up their arse?

Maybe if he took offence at the real issues Britain is facing, people might take him seriously.

Then again, how can you take someone who compares himself to Nelson Mandela, yet loves the monarchy, seriously?

One of the most apartheid institutions on the planet.

I’ll leave it at that.