People may think that I’ve been focusing on the Celtic board quite a lot lately.

That’s because I am, and I feel that their behaviour needs to be highlighted.

It needs to be highlighted due to the damage they are now starting to cause at our club.

Reputational damage was already discussed in a recent article, and let’s face facts here, our European reputation lies in tatters.

It lies in tatters due to a signing policy that makes us impotent in this arena.

I’ve discussed that in detail in my last article, and also the waste of money and resources involved in that policy.

Today, I’m focusing on something different.

In his first stint at Celtic, Brendan Rodgers spoke about what he called the “Holy trinity”.

Here is what he had to say back in 2017:

The message is that this is the Celtic I know. The strength of Celtic is being together and what we have proven this year is the fusion between the players, the management and the supporters – when that is together Celtic is a powerful force.

We will have bumps along the way but if that holy trinity can stay together then we can achieve and give them the happiness. That is all we can do.

The fusion between the players, the management and the supporters – when that is together Celtic is a powerful force.

That fusion was there the night we played Atletico Madrid at Paradise.

Celtic produced the most scintillating first half of football that I have seen in many years.

Everything clicked.

The Holy Trinity was in full flow.

It was that powerful force that Brendan Rodgers spoke about.

That force is now under threat.

Yesterday, Celtic Ultras group Bhoys Celtic, released a statement in solidarity with the Green Brigade.

You can see it below:

They will not be in attendance at tomorrow’s game against Aberdeen.

They have called on the board to meet with the Green Brigade.

As usual, I’m pretty sure the board will ignore these requests, as they have done so up until now anyway.

The board will not communicate, except through tit for tat online statements.

They do not communicate.

They believe, we the fans, do not deserve any communication from them.

Michael Nicholson, as CEO, has rarely, if ever, communicated with the fans.

If the board has a strategy for this club, we are completely in the dark as to what that is.

But at the moment, they are headed into dangerous territory.

Their Mexican stand-off with Green Brigade has resulted another fan group deciding they will not attend games.

This results in further empty seats, thus further damaging the atmosphere at home games.

Which in turn damages and disrupts the Holy Trinity.

Whatever the differences are between the board and the Green Brigade, they are an integral part of the match day experience at Celtic Park.

The board has no issue with using the GB when it is to their advantage, and it helps to promote the club.

This whole affair reeks of Lawwell seeking revenge for the events of 2020 during the 10IAR season.

It seems that his personal vendettas are now spilling over, and damaging the atmosphere around the club.

The relationship between the fans and the board is strained enough as it is.

If this continues for much longer, it is only going to serve to piss fans off more and more.

This needs to be resolved before the game between ourselves and the Ibrox side in December.

If the atmosphere is compromised in that fixture, if the Holy Trinity, and that fusion that Brendan spoke of, is not in place, it will afford the Ibrox side an advantage they should not have.

We need Celtic Park in full voice for that match, nothing else will suffice.

That is the game where want to show Clement that he just a great pretender, like all those who have gone before him.

If we have empty seats at that game, it will be a complete and utter disgrace.

If Lawwell thinks his vendetta will work to his advantage in any way, he’ll need to think again if it drags on until then.

I’ll put it this way, if we lose that game, and there are still empty seats in the stands, hell hath no fury than the vendetta Lawwell and his cronies will face in the aftermath of such an event.

This Mexican stand-off only serves to tarnish our image as a club.

We are a club that has always had a fantastic reputation for our support.

The board are now jeopardising that.

They are supposed to be the highly paid professionals in all of this, instead the whole affair reeks of amateur hour.

It’s as amateurish as Lennon’s shower appointment, the Eddie Howe farce, and the trip to Dubai during the height of the pandemic.

Christmas has come early for the SMSM, they are loving this.

And you can rest assured that the Ibrox side are watching on gleefully at the whole affair.

But when is enough, enough with this board?

When will their behaviour ever be enough to force the change that is needed at the top of this club?

I get the feeling this one is going to rumble on and on.

Do you think the board will ever consider the honourable PLC act of falling on their sword for managing a shambles?

Think again.

Peter Lawwell will fiddle while Rome burns.

That’s just who he is.