Since Tuesday, supporters of the Ibrox side were having a great laugh at Celtic’s expense after our Champions League exit.

Social media was full of gags and laughs galore, they just couldn’t help themselves.

Last night was then supposed to be a stroll in the park for the Ibrox side.

A foregone conclusion.

Their Europa League group campaign was supposed to be done and dusted, with a trip back to Seville a bonus knowing that they were safely through to the knock out stages of their favourite European competition.

But how could they treat Aris Limassol as a foregone conclusion considering what happened to them in Cyprus last October?

Well, most of them believed that under the guidance of their latest messiah, Philippe Clement, dropping points to lowly opposition like Aris Limassol was an impossibility.

Clement had succesfully steered them out of troubled waters.

Undefeated since he set foot in Ibrox.

It was inconceivable that anything other than a win in the Europa League was on the cards last night.

Ian MacNicol/Getty Images Sport

But here’s the thing.

In European competition, there is a slight hinderance that isn’t normally present in the Scottish game.

You see, in the Europa League they have these people called “professional referees”.

In the Ibrox side’s case, these pesky individuals tend to be a tad problematic.

They don’t abide by the normal rule of thumb when it comes to the team that plays out of the stadium that John Brown played for.

Consequently, those hallowed, oft heard words of late, “Penalty to R*****s!” tend not to be heard on nights like last night.

This is a bit discombobulating for a team that has heard those words seven times in the last four domestic league games.

Hence you have a scenario whereby the lack of amateur referees, results in amateur hour on the pitch at Ibrox.

Of course, these professional referees have no allegience whatsoever to the Ibrox side either.

Another very disconcerting disadvantage.

Alan Harvey - SNS Group/SNS Group/Getty Images

One fears that this might also show the Ibrox faithful that the messiah is more messer, than messiah.

I mean how could he possibly take the best chance they had of a penalty off the field of play in the 35th minute?

Lady Cantwell’s ballet skills are a huge asset to the team.

As if it wasn’t hard enough to get a penalty off these professional referees?

It took the blondie, ugly baby faced, orange assasin to spare their blushes in the end.

R*****S 1-1 Aris Limassol.

Ross Mc”I would die for the cause”Land made sure there was no Europa League surrender on the night.


There is now just the little inconvenience of having to travel to Seville, with Europa League survival now hanging in the balance.

Now, I’m not going to open old wounds and mention what happened in Seville the last time the Ibrox team was there in that very same competition.

Images of toilets and missed penalties come to mind, but I won’t venture further on this subject.

I know it causes terrible anxiety to peepul of an Ibrox persuasion.

Visionhaus/Getty Images Sport

Real Betis are currently riding high in 7th position in La Liga.

It also came as a bit of a shock that Sparta Prague beat them in the Europa League last night.

Which doesn’t auger well for our friends from Ibrox.

Would one bet against Sparta Prague beating Aris Limassol in two weeks time?

And then, would one bet against Real Betis doing a number on the Ibrox side, aided and abetted by professional referees?

Who knows?

Oh well, they do like oranges in Seville, which must be of some comfort to the peepul?

Either way, come the 14th of December, we may have an awful lot of Christmas cheer to enjoy.

Whenever Ibrox laughs at us, Celtic always has the last laugh.

Will we be having the last laugh just before Christmas?

I guess we’ll see in two weeks time, won’t we?