As I sit here this morning writing this article, I have to admit, I have a sinking feeling.

It becomes monotonous when you keep predicting what’s going to happen at Celtic.

And it keeps happening.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, was shocked at the outcome of yesterday’s game at Pittodrie.

After what we witnessed at Celtic Park last weekend, it was apparent a result like this was coming.

Add to the fact that Mark Lawwell failed us abysmally in the transfer window once again, and you had the perfect recipe for a result like yesterday’s.

I think it’s a sad indictment of where we are when I’m driven to thinking that if Adam Idah had scored the winner after Nicolas Kuhn equalised, then my main concern was that Mark Lawwell would be hailed as some sort of genius.

Obviously, I hoped we’d secure a winner, but part of me hoped it wouldn’t be Adam Idah.

Which really is a sad state of affairs.

I would much rather be able to watch a game, and enjoy it without worrying what the political ramifications might be if someone does or doesn’t score.

But that’s where we are now.

I wrote an article on Friday, asking where we go from here after the transfer window.

I spoke of the dangers in our upcoming away fixtures, starting with yesterday’s.

We are fast hurtling towards the kind of implosion that happened during the 10IAR season.

All of the warning signs are there, and there is one common denominator at the heart of all of this.

Peter Lawwell.

He is now the single most destructive force at Celtic, followed closely by his son.

Who, in the space of four transfer windows, has managed to completely sabotage the playing squad and reduce it to the final eleven we saw finishing on the field of play yesterday.

Compare and contrast the two teams that finished at Pittiodrie this season, and last season in the fixture played on Decemeber 17th 2022.


Joe Hart, Alistair Johnston, Stephen Welsh, Liam scales, Anthony Ralston, Matt O’Riley, Callum McGregor, Adam Idah, Nicolas Kuhn, Kyogo Furuhashi, Rocco Vata


Joe Hart, Anthony Ralston, CCV, Carl Starfelt, Greg Taylor, Aaron Mooy, Callum McGregor, David Turnbull, Felipe Jota, Giorgos Giakoumakis, Kyogo Furuhashi

Celtic played that fixture 14 ominous days before Peter Lawwell re-entered the building.

Just over a year later, and look at the difference in both line-ups.

Starfelt, Mooy, Turnbull, Jota, and Giakoumakis are gone.

3 out of 4 of the substitutions that came on that day are no longer Celtic players.

How did we decline at such a rapid rate, in such a short space of time?

None of this is a coincidence.

Yesterday, the supporters unfurled a banner, it said:


The message was being sent loud and clear.

If we lose this title, we the fans, will blame nobody but you.

We cannot blame the manager.

He has been more than vocal in stating what he requires to take this team forward.

He has not been given it.

You could argue he has not been vocal enough.

But how much more vocal does he need to be?

He told the board what he needed, it’s their job to supply him with what he needs.

They, not him, have chosen not to meet his requirements.

The result of that is what we saw yesterday at Pittodrie.

The Ibrox side are playing Aberdeen on Tuesday night, we are now looking for Peter Leven, and his charges, to do us a favour.

Aberdeen will give them a game, but will they have enough to get a result?

If the Ibrox side score more than 3 goals without reply against them, they will sit on top of the Scottish Premiership on Tuesday night.

Our board will have gifted that to them.

Will they hang their heads is shame?

Hell will freeze over before that happens.

Instead you can imagine the back slapping that will be going on.

Game on!

O** F*** Inc. is alive and kicking!

We have a title race for the ages, all by design.

Just a shame you haven’t given Brendan Rodgers the tools he requires to compete to the best of his ability in the title race for the ages.

I sat this morning and read Hugh Keevins article in the Sunday Mail.

Normally, I would take great joy in dissecting his pulitzer prize winning garbage.

This morning, I sat abjectly reading this morning’s offering, and despite the fact Keevins is utterly gleeful in all of it, there was nothing in his article I could argue with.

On a personal level, I’ve hit rock bottom when I cannot criticise Hugh Keevins.

I even contemplated doing a Kew Heavins article this weekend, but in reality, there’s nothing to laugh about.

Unless Brendan Rodgers decides to change the way he plays, this situation at Celtic will only get worse.

He doesn’t have the tools to fit the type of system he plays, because he hasn’t been given them.

So, if he has any aspirations of winning this title, he needs to adapt.

He needs to work with the tools he has, however inadequate they may be, and find a winning formula with them.

Based on yesterday’s performance, we will continue to drop points if he persists with the system he has been using.

The fans will do their job.

They will continue to support the team.

They will also continue to apply pressure to the board.

That started yesterday, and I believe it will continue.

Peter Lawwell wilted under the pressure of his failings during the Covid season.

He never had to face the anger of the fans inside Celtic Park.

He may now have to face that if results continue to decline.

It’s a catch 22 really.

If we continue to drop points, the pressure will ramp up on the board.

Which is what most fans want.

But that will be at the expense of the Ibrox side possibly winning this title.

Which no fan wants.

Except possibly our great chairman.

Nobody believed lightning could strike twice in the same place.

Well, you’d better believe it has now.

Because it has, in the form of Peter Lawwell.

There’s a storm coming to Celtic Park.

It will be interesting to see who is still standing at the end of it.

I know who my money is on.

Developing story…..