That was a hard watch last night, and in reality, there aren’t a massive amount of positives to take from it.

Other than the fact we secured 3 critical points.

And that Adam Idah seems to have nerves of steel.

While a lot of us might not have been impressed with his signing, and let me make this clear, that is not down to the player, but our board, you could not help but be impressed by his coolness from the penalty spot.

This will do his confidence no end of good.

Idah has had a pretty positive impact in his first two starts for Celtic.

If he continues like this and bags us critical goals on the way to the title, then the question will have to be asked, why did we not secure a loan to buy option?

And therein lies the issue a lot of us had with his signing.

Here’s a hypothetical view of our board’s incompetence come the end of this season.

Let’s just say Idah has a very prolific 6 months with us.

Now, I know I’m jumping the gun here, but say he scores 10 to 15 goals, and these go a long way towards securing the title, what is the end result going to be?

Brilliant, yes, we’ll have won the title, and ultimately, that’s what we’ll be told he was brought in for.

But the real end result will be this, the player will return to his parent club, with his value increased exponentially for them.

Both in terms of experience for Idah, and monetary value.

If Idah goes back to Norwich having bagged a decent amount of goals for us, this will benefit them, not us.

And because we didn’t secure a loan to buy option, Norwich will say, well, he was valued at £3 million when he went up to you, but now, after what he’s shown he can do, we feel he’s worth £6 million.

And you know what happens after that, don’t you?

If Celtic had interest in securing him on a permanent basis, then that interest will rapidly wane.

Because Peter Lawwell will tell Lawwell Jnr. we’re not paying that much for him.

In reality, that’s the main reason not many of us were impressed with his signing.

Simply because Norwich stand to gain much more from this deal than we do.

Adam Idah gets the kind of game time he would not get at Carrow Road, and in the process develops substantially while at our club.

However, if we had secured him on a loan to buy option, it would have been a win-win for us.

If he turned out to be an excellent acquisition, then we pay the agreed price.

If not, he goes back to his parent club.

Instead, the above scenario that I’ve described is what could unfold.

And that, once again, reeks of the short-termism our club is mired in at the moment.

But I’ve digressed.

I’m sorry, I started this article talking about last night’s game, but ended up going off on a completely different tangent about Adam Idah.

Back to last night.

Is that result the turning point in our season?

Well, I suppose the real question is, what defines a turning point?

You could start with Anthony Ralston.

It wouldn’t be the first time that something he has done, has had a huge impact on the title race.

Ralston’s crunching tackle to win back the ball from Élie Youan started the attacking phase of play that led to the VAR check.

But for that, Celtic would not have ended up getting the penalty which won the game for them.

Hibs could have broken up the pitch, and we could be looking at an altogether different outcome.

That penalty could prove crucial in this title race.

Despite what greeting village idiots like Kris Boyd say, it was a penalty.

Whether it will be the jolt to kick us into a extended winning run, remains to be seen.

So, for me, there are three defining factors here:

Anthony Ralston.

Adam Idah.

Brendan Rodgers.

Why Brendan Rodgers?

He secured his first win at Easter Road as a Celtic boss.

Do not underestimate the positive psychological impact that will have on the manager.

For long periods of the game, it looked like he would once again be leaving that ground still looking for that all elusive win.

In fact, prior to the penalty, as the game became stretched, Hibs had two clear cut chances to win it.

Joe Newell’s precision ball across the face of goal was presented on a platter for Lewis Miller.

Miller somehow managed to send it back across the face of goal and wide.

Will Fish then had a shot that was just inches wide of the left post.

In the end, it was very fine margins.

Adam Idah’s cool head secured a much needed 3 points.

And with it, that first win at Easter Road for Rodgers.

He will have travelled back to Glasgow, I imagine, not overly impressed with the performance, but extremely relieved to have secured that win, and all 3 points.

It will have instilled confidence, and belief, that we can move forward from here.

We need to continue that momentum on Sunday against St. Mirren in the Scottish Cup, who won convincingly again last night.

They have scored 5 goals in their last two games.

I stated the importance of winning these two games in yesterday’s article, we have one half of that objective complete.

This cup tie will not be an easy game for us.

And in a cup game, anything can happen.

Meanwhile, our board can breathe a sigh of relief.

Last night gave them a stay of execution.

All this win does is paper over the cracks of their ineptitude.

They need a win at St. Mirren park on Sunday.

This should then ensure a quiet day at Celtic Park on Saturday the 17th.

But they can’t escape the fan’s ire forever.

I think we all know there will be a day of reckoning soon.

When that is, well, that remains to be seen.