Kris Boyd, what can you say about this guy that hasn’t already been said?

Well, in my opening title, I think I’ve labelled him correctly.

The THICKEST pundit on the planet.

Without doubt.

Boyd is an insult to every intelligent football pundit on SKY.

I genuinely think that when the village lost it’s idiot, SKY found him.

Last night, Boyd decided to launch an all out attack on Brendan Rodgers.

In an article dripping with misplaced arrogance, Boyd admits he called something wrong.

But he doesn’t admit to anything really.

He’s too thick to call anything correctly, and too thick to realise that the majority of his predictions are so far wide of the mark, they generally boomerang back, and kick him square in the balls.

I sincerely doubt Brendan Rodgers will lower his intellect to read Boyd’s inane, vacuous ramblings in the Sun, but if he did, it would be all the motivation he’d need to steer the title back to Celtic Park.

Before I go any further, and dissect this infantile garbage, I want to make one thing clear.

Celtic, as a club, is in a bad place at the moment.

We all recognise that.

Everything that is wrong with the club, WILL eventually come to a head, because it cannot continue on the way it is.

However, right now, we the fans, need to get behind the team 110%, and drive this title over the line.

Whatever division there may be within the club can wait until this season is over.

13 more games must be played before we can really tackle the issues within the club.

Because they aren’t going away, and they will never go away as long as there’s a Lawwell at Celtic Park.

As bloggers, we all need to unify, and open everyone’s eyes to the existential threat this name poses to our club.

I read Phil Mac Ghiolla Bhain’s article on the 7th of this month, and I echo his sentiments when it comes to what Dermot Desmond needs to do.

We need to call for it to happen continuously until it does.

Until the cancer within our club is rooted out.

Like Phil, this is not personal.

I don’t know, nor have I ever met Peter Lawwell, nor do I want to for that matter.

But I see what his presence at our club is resulting in, and I want it gone.

Now, I’ve had my say on that subject, back to the matter at hand.

Kris Boyd.

From the start of his article, up to a particular point, Boyd actually made some sense.

Then again, the majority of what he has written could easily have been picked up by reading what we, the bloggers, have been writing all along.

In other words, it’s nothing we don’t already know.

It isn’t exactly investigative journalism, put it that way.

But where it all goes awry, where we’re back to the image of crayons being scrawled all over a 5 year old’s colouring book, is with this statement:

Watching Rodgers and Celtic this season has been like seeing a couple give a failed marriage one last go. It didn’t work out in the end the first time, and the second time is turning out to be a mistake.
Win or lose the title, it seems inevitable the reunion won’t last long-term.

The second time is turning out to be a mistake??

Will Boyd draw that conclusion if Celtic win a league and cup double by the end of the season?

Because his statement above is a conclusion, and it’s a conclusion he’s in no position to come to.

If there’s one thing we all know, you write off Celtic at your peril, even when they’re as wounded as they are now.

I tend to agree with him on the failed marriage point, but in a different context, the reunion between Lawwell and Rodgers.

We all should have known that was never going to work.

That’s why Dermot Desmond needs to deal with it.

Reading the rest of Boyd’s article, you get the impression that he is absolutely reveling in the turmoil at Celtic at the moment.

This is manna from heaven for a thicko like Boyd.

But you know what the beautiful thing in all of this is?

Boyd rarely, if ever, gets his predictions right.

He and Hugh Keevins are like two peas in a pod in that regard.

As useful as a set of pedals on a wheelchair when it comes to their journalistic ability.

They are both the epitome of what’s wrong with Scottish Mainstream Sports Journalism.

As Sybil once said in Fawlty Towers, “I have seen more intelligent creatures than you lying on their backs at the bottom of ponds! I’ve seen better organized creatures than you running ’round farmyards with their heads cut off!

Every time I hear that statement, I think of Keevins and Boyd.

Two Village Idiots who somehow infiltrated their way into journalism and punditry.

Both of them steal a wage and it must be galling for decent, hard working journalists and pundits.

Boyd concludes his piece of drivel with this, and it really is stunningly stupid:

Yet, from a position of strength, Rodgers has somehow managed to steer the team towards trouble.
Remember, he told fans “I’ll see you back here in May” on the day he returned.
That was a nod towards a potential title party at the end of the season.
If Celtic continue to play like they did at Hibs, the only thing punters will be seeing in May is their manager’s exit.

I’ll correct that first line for him:

“Yet, from a position of strength, the Board has somehow managed to steer the team towards trouble.”

They are the ones who have weakened the team.

The board have systematically removed key players from a treble winning side, and replaced them with projects.

Very few of which have managed to make the grade.

They are the people who ignored Rodgers’ requests for quality players in the transfer window.

Just as they lucked their way into finding Ange Postecoglou, they might just have lucked their way into making two decent acquisitions in Nicolas Kuhn and Adam Idah.

But as I clearly pointed out in my article on Thursday, the acquisition of Adam Idah on loan will benefit Norwich, far more than us, if he turns out to be a success.

Whether we’ll see Rodgers exit in May, or land a league and cup double, remains to be seen.

But based on past experiences, I know what I’d be putting my money on.

And it ain’t Rodgers’ exit.

It’ll be on Boyd getting it wrong.

Yet again…