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How big is Celtic's current first-team squad, do you think? I'll put you out of your misery; it's 34 players. That's right, 34. Add on the five out … Read More

Weah’s winning mentality can help Celtic succeed

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Mental health and why we need to address it

Super Leigh Griffiths, a hero with the Celtic support. On December 12th 2018, Brendan Rodgers announced that the Scotland international was to take … Read More

Dembele fee ensures good financial results: Now is the time to invest

Another strong set of financials came out of Celtic Park yesterday - over £15 million profit for the first half of the season. The main reason for … Read More

Where is the next van Dijk? Who do we go for in the summer?

The big Dutchman is by far and away the best centre half most of us have seen in decades at Celtic Park - powerful, fast, strong, intelligent, leads … Read More