Kieran Tierney has been spotted by a prestigious Italian scout, according to The Scotsman.

The 20-year-old has been compared to a “young Patrice Evra” by Nicola Liguori in the Italian newspaper Tuttosport.

As part of his assessment, the experienced Liguori suggested that Serie A champions Juventus ought to take a look at the Scotsman.

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Liguori said:

I first saw (Tierney) in an Old Firm game in September 2016; a match of monstrous intensity (with) seven bookings, a red card,

In the middle of the battle there was a young boy, aged 19, who possessed a Latin technique that set him apart from the rest.

It’s that “Latin technique” that linked the full-back with Manchester United last week, and despite the youngster playing down a potential move away from Celtic Park, the interest in the phenom remains.

Appearing in 28 Scottish Premiership games this season, the prospect has also received nine caps for his country.

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A comparison to the once-imperious Patrice Evra is certainly a strong comparison, but one Liguori felt justified in making:

He is strong in the tackle, he overlaps continuously and has excellent technique. In some ways he reminds me of Evra during his early years at Manchester United.

We are talking about a 20-year-old who has made 29 assists in the last three seasons. In the current campaign, despite the calf problems he’s suffered in recent weeks, he’s on nine (assists).

With respects to a possible move, the Italian conceded a natural transfer would be to the Premier League – but emphasised the point Tierney would be at home in Serie A:

The most logical step up for Tierney would be joining an English Premier League club, where there is no language barrier and a similar style of play.

But he has all the attributes to succeed even at a big Italian club, although it would take a little while for him to adapt to a more tactical approach to the game.