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After Celtic v Hibs at the weekend, Scottish refereeing has officially gone from calamitous to farcical

You really have to wonder how much longer this can go on for? Scottish referees are really starting to make our game a laughing stock. VAR is about … Read More
  • By Eric Knott
  • 6 min read time
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The mere mention of Celtic eclipsing 55 seems to have really hit a nerve with Ibrox supporters

Last Wednesday I wrote on article on the permutations of Celtic eclipsing 55 titles. The article went down very well with Celtic supporters on our … Read More
  • By Eric Knott
  • 8 min read time
  • 4,314 reads

All this talk of Celtic and the Ibrox side heading south to save the Scottish game is ridiculous. Did I miss something? Is the game here dying?

Ian Maxwell recently stated the the game in Scotland was in the best shape it had been in years. Attendances were up. In fact, the Scottish game, … Read More
  • By Eric Knott
  • 8 min read time
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When Celtic deliver 55 titles for real, then the Ibrox 55 myth will die the death it deserves

We live in a time where every thing the Scottish mainstream sports media writes is predicated on lies, but one lie in particular. The lie that the … Read More
  • By Eric Knott
  • 7 min read time
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Celtic's Irish fans are not impressed with the FAI's decision to announce a new kit deal with Ibrox kit supplier Castore

The FAI are today reeling from the back lash they've received from Republic of Ireland fans following the announcement of Castore as their new kit … Read More
  • By Eric Knott
  • 5 min read time
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As Celtic go from strength to strength, the Ibrox board disappears into their Fuhrerbunker

Today, in his usual Monday morning column in the Record, Keith Jackson is hurting. It is finally beginning to dawn on him that his favourite side … Read More
  • By Eric Knott
  • 8 min read time
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