Celtic v Rangers, The Glasgow Derby; some say it’s the biggest and most fierce rivalry in football, and aren’t we so lucky that we get it AT LEAST four times a season now? 

Naturally, Celtic have been very much on top in recent years with all of Rangers’ struggles, although, with the arrival of Steven Gerrard, they are looking to become much more of a force, on the level they were before. 

However, the question we’re looking to answer today is not which team is better or may win this weekend, but who’s the best foreign player to grace us with their presence during The Glasgow Derby?

Who comes out on top? That’s for you to decide… Have your say with our duel below!

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Alfredo Morelos

Stiliyan Petrov

Scott Sinclair

Brian Laudrup

Lubomir Moravcik

Giovanni van Bronckhorst

Paul Gascoigne

Mark Viduka

Virgil van Dijk

Mikel Arteta

Lorenzo Amoruso

Henrik Larsson


  Henrik Larsson 97%
  Lubomir Moravcik 58%
  Virgil van Dijk 48%
  Brian Laudrup 47%
  Stiliyan Petrov 43%
  Paul Gascoigne 39%
  Mark Viduka 26%
  Giovanni van Bronckhorst 23%
  Scott Sinclair 22%
  Mikel Arteta 20%
  Alfredo Morelos 12%
  Lorenzo Amoruso 11%