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Celtic fans, are you ready for a war of attrition with this board? If you want them gone, it WILL be a struggle

After yesterday's article, I was inundated with hundreds of comments. Both on the RC website, and the RC Facebook and twitter accounts. While I … Read More

Roll up, roll up, roll up, the great title giveaway is in full swing at Celtic Park

Yesterday morning, before we played Kilmarnock, I tried to be positive. In my article, I stated we needed to lay down a marker, score a hatful … Read More

Chris Sutton tells us the R****** are here, but tips Celtic for the title, barely

Chris Sutton has never been a pundit who shies away from controversy, that's for sure. He has a tendency to tell it like it is, he doesn't sugar … Read More

A Kew Heavins exclusive: Celtic coming apart at the seams as home fans turn on their heroes

Yesterday, my esteemed colleague in the media, Neil McCann, made a very sage and wise point. He stated that the Ibrox crowd were cool, calm and … Read More

They’re “coming for us”, Ibrox side draw level with Celtic as the boasts start…

So, finally, they're level with us. It seems the Ibrox side made much harder work of Ross County on Wednesday night than we did a few weeks … Read More

Michael Gannon takes a swipe at Celtic fans on the Liel Abada and Celtic question. But is it a no win for both parties?

Liel Abada seems like a young man who is caught between a rock and a hard place. Through no fault of his own, he is caught between a crossfire … Read More