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Not content with the fact Ange is leaving Celtic, the SMSM will now commence the players and staff to Spurs rumours

As Ange officially to Tottenham inevitably draws closer, the SMSM are wetting themselves at the prospect of a mass exodus of players and staff on top … Read More

By next week, we’ll know if Ange is the real deal or just the same as all the rest

Today is Cup final day and the speculation continues. Everybody knows what's happening, yet nobody really knows. The bookies have stopped taking bets … Read More

There’s a reason the likes of Dermot Desmond and Frank Trimboli have been seen around Celtic Park, and it isn’t because Ange is going to Spurs

Perception is a strange thing. Many people will use certain circumstances to perceive something totally different to what's actually going on. For … Read More

Gutter rag the Sun tries pitifully to make Celtic fans’ celebrations look like George’s square carnage from 2 years ago

You've got to hand it to the Sun, they try so very hard to smear Celtic fans and their desperation to make them look like the Ibrox side is … Read More

Keevins tries to continue the “crisis at Celtic” narrative by creating a doomsday scenario for next weekend

The media are really in overdrive today when it comes to Celtic. They are revelling in the uncertainty that now surrounds Ange Postecoglou in … Read More

There is only one dominant force in Scotland, and that is Celtic, no matter what anyone else says

Since the turn of the 21st century the numbers don't lie. Celtic has categorically been the most dominant force in Scottish football. And then … Read More