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Beale is a man in denial if he believes the Celtic squad is not better than the current Ibrox squad

Late yesterday evening, the Record published an article stating that Michael Beale insists the Celtic squad is NOT better than the Ibrox … Read More

Dermot Desmond says Peter Lawwell was Celtic’s “outstanding candidate” for the position of Chairman…he would

Well, I'm sure there was plenty of back slapping and self congratulations yesterday after the insular Celtic board appointed Peter Lawwell as … Read More

It was only ever a matter of time. Lawwell is back in the building as Celtic take a retrograde step

I know I'm going to piss off a lot of pro-Lawwell supporters, but frankly, I don't care. This club never fails to build up your hopes and then bring … Read More

Souness criticises VAR at World Cup? Maybe now he’ll criticise the VAR decisions that went against Celtic in his own country?

Graeme Souness' aspirations to become a "shock jock" after being axed from SKY are moving along nicely after his comments on Japan's controversial … Read More

Imitation continues to be the greatest form of flattery at Ibrox. But it’s not the kind of flattery Celtic wants

Ange Postecoglu once spoke about not looking over the fence into the neighbours garden. He said we look after our own home and build it up into … Read More

Celtic’s 3 point plan to retain their title. I’ll outline it, since the media are ignoring it

The Ibrox facing media is in overdrive today, with puff pieces right left and centre regarding the appointment of Covid Championship hero, Michael … Read More