You really have to wonder how much longer this can go on for?

Scottish referees are really starting to make our game a laughing stock.

VAR is about as useful as a wheelchair with pedals at this stage.

It’s almost like it’s a lucky dip at this point, because you just don’t know what kind of decision is going to come out of it and on what basis that decision is going to be made.

What I mean by that is whether decisions will be made to benefit one team or to hinder another.

You’re smart people, so I think you know what I’m getting at.

But it’s safe to say there is zero consistency when it comes to VAR.

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Let’s call a spade a spade, Scottish referees were pretty poor before VAR was introduced, now all the technology has done is make them look worse.

We always knew there was a bias towards a certain team, but VAR has really enforced that fact since it’s introduction.

I can give two recent prime examples of this before I delve into Saturday’s shit show at Celtic Park.

Ibrox on the 2nd of January when Conor Goldson decided to deputise as goalkeeper is the first.

The fact that Willie Collum, as the VAR, decided it wasn’t worth a second look pretty much sums up the joke that is Scottish refereeing.

Collum is the common denominator in these examples.

Once again at Ibrox on the 4th of March, when the home side were playing against Kilmarnock, Collum awarded a penalty, which upon review, was pretty much non-existent.

Even ex-Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher could not see how it could have been a penalty.

VAR is there to review these incidents.

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But it seems to me certain referees will pick and choose what they will and won’t review.

On Saturday at Celtic Park, Steven McLean made some decisions that beggared belief.

Kicking a player in the head apparently does not now merit a red card.

Nope, that’s a yellow card offence.

A slight tug of a jersey, which affected the player in no way whatsoever, is now a penalty offence.

Whoops, I guess that was a shit decision, so I better give Celtic one to even things up.

Down goes Carter-Vickers, perfect, penalty!

Taking Abada out of it on a one on one is a penalty and yellow card offence.

But wait a second, no it’s not.

Better hit the rewind button and take back that yellow card.

Scribble, scribble, cross out David Marshall’s name.

I mean, even when I read back what I’ve written there, it sounds farcical.

That’s because it is.

But the question here is, how long is it going to continue?

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How much more ridiculous does our game have to look before something happens to rectify this?

Scottish refereeing is in dire need of reform.

Yet nobody seems willing to commence reform.

Managers are complaining from all spectrums of the league, yet the SFA will do nothing.

All clubs in the Scottish Premiership need to unite and push for reform.

But instead, there’s constant bickering.

McInnes is a prime example, with his snide remarks about Ange “scoffing” at VAR decisions.

He isn’t “scoffing”, he’s just telling it like it is.

Like he always does.

One thing is for sure though, this cannot continue.

Surely Crawford Allan, along with Ian Maxwell must see the damage this is doing to our game?

To our already battered band?

Do we have to sink to the ultimate depths of farce before someone steps up and says enough is enough?

Celtic cannot do this alone.

The Ibrox club will never complain about this and we all know why.

But the rest of the clubs in the league are suffering because of it

Have they no voice?

Or are their managers just going to continue to moan and bicker, but do nothing?

Quit the talk about other managers “scoffing” and having to be “decapitated” at Celtic Park to get a decision.

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Speak up for your own clubs and do something about this.

Because if you don’t, it could cost you a fortune.

It could be the difference between a European spot or relegation.

It never fails to amaze me how this doesn’t bother these clubs or their boards.

But hey, what have I got worry about?

Celtic has the ability to rise above all of this.

Maybe the rest of the Premiership should give themselves a fighting chance to start doing that too?

I won’t hold my breath.