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By next week, we'll know if Ange is the real deal or just the same as all the rest

Today is Cup final day and the speculation continues. Everybody knows what's happening, yet nobody really knows. The bookies have stopped taking bets … Read More
  • By Eric Knott
  • 8 min read time
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There's a reason the likes of Dermot Desmond and Frank Trimboli have been seen around Celtic Park, and it isn't because Ange is going to Spurs

Perception is a strange thing. Many people will use certain circumstances to perceive something totally different to what's actually going on. For … Read More
  • By Eric Knott
  • 9 min read time
  • 27,738 reads

Ange Postecoglu's love of Celtic was there for all to see on Sunday. Its only going to get stronger

At the end of Sunday's Scottish Cup semi-final, I watched as Ange Postecoglu walked around the Celtic end and soaked up the adulation of the Celtic … Read More
  • By Eric Knott
  • 9 min read time
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If Glen Johnson reckons managing Celtic is so EASY, then he can do it when "Ange goes to West Ham". Yeah right

There's never much time goes by before somebody from the English game starts ranting on about how easy it is to manage Celtic. Or how their Nan could … Read More
  • By Eric Knott
  • 6 min read time
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Serial complainers about Celtic's success need to look at SFA, SPFL and club leadership, not Celtic

There is this consistent belief that Celtic are destroying the game in Scotland through their relentless success. That it devalues the game to have … Read More
  • By Eric Knott
  • 12 min read time
  • 2,140 reads

Abada has left the building. He's been sold to Southampton already for £10million according to the SMSM

A rumour has emerged that contract talks have stalled between Celtic and Liel Abada. I emphasise the words rumour and stalled. Liel Abada's former … Read More
  • By Eric Knott
  • 7 min read time
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